About YoBo

YoBo is trying to make your life easier. With a wide range of e-commerce sites taking over every nook and cranny of this big bad world of our virtual existence, wreaking havoc by providing us with a little too much of those choices to our already scattered, indecisive selves, our little guy here compares prices and offers that each of the e-tailers have to provide, to help you make the wiser choice while allowing your purse to breathe a little easy. Wait.You think that’s all?

A mere comparison chart?


We let you earn.

Every time that you choose to use YoBo! to make a purchase, you earn money in the form of YoBo! Cash™. You think that’s too good to be true? Well, no vouchers/coupons or conditional cashback. You get it on your account and voila! It’s all yours for use. Wishing you a great shopathon!